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Audio Terrorist Links

AsylumArts.BandCamp.Com - Listen to our tracks

Facebook - sign up as a fan of the band

Reverb Nation - Come see us live

SoundCloud - Listen select tracks

Wikipedia (rip) - The true history of Audio Terrorist

Asylum Arts - visit our record label

CD Baby - the place to buy the band’s work

iTunes - the place to feed you iOS devices

Audio Terrorist Brigade - honor our roadies 1996-2000 (currently unavailable)

Audio Terrorist Site 1992-1995 - relive the past

Stations that play Audio Terrorist: IPM, KSJS, Luver

The Barbed Wire Theremin - relaunch a revolution 1992

Cuir Bleu - The other side of Audio Terrorist 2003-06

Favorite Picks

SF Goth - Fond memories and future adventures

Rivethead - Books and jackets

Skin Two - Our first international exposure to the kink community in 1996

Apple Computer - Our studio uses PCs and Macs but the later are darn sexy


“Sounds nice, I like the synths and stuff. Great to see this kind of mayhem still exists on both coasts”-DD of White Fuel

“Nice to see a band that is not just out to sound like they are looking to please and get bucks”-Frank iBot

“They coined the term “Audio Terrorist” and entered it into the web’s lingo in 1992. Looking at the web now, I you can see that it has taken on a life of it’s own”-Marcus Moreland

“A.T.what kind of animal (non human) would you be?” -The Batt on KSJS

“Hot Shit!” -Linda Mac of Luver Radio

-Skin Two magazine volume 19

“We will always play Audio Terrorist”- Mac at IPM Radio